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Informative site about security and surveillance cameras. Pages include: home security cameras, video recording security system, wireless security cameras, Internet security camera and night vision security cameras.

Security Cameras

Security camera systems can give you peace of mind, whether you're keeping an eye on children at play or watching to see who's coming to the front door. Security conscious people and those concerned about neighbourhood safety appreciate an increased awareness of their surroundings. There are many types of security cameras and systems available so it is important to do some research to help you choose one that most suits your needs.

There are many types of security cameras available. (Click to enlarge)

One of the first decisions you need to make is whether you want a black and white or colour security camera. Colour security cameras are generally more expensive but they do offer more realistic and natural pictures than black and white models. On the other hand black and white security cameras produce greater resolution and have better light sensitivity, and are therefore suitable for use in dark areas where light conditions are poor most of the time.

Another choice is between wired and wireless security cameras. Where do you want to place the camera(s), will the location make it hard to set up a wiring system ? In which case, you may want to consider wireless security camera systems. However, these cameras must be in a place that is conducive to high quality broadcast, there must be no interference. They can, though, be moved around the area. They are a bit more flexible than their fixed-wire cousins.

Wireless security cameras give greater flexible than hardwired cameras.

You also need to ask yourself whether you want to record the images that come from your camera. Some security cameras are meant just for viewing, others are meant for long-term monitoring and may be attached to VCRs or DVRs (digital video recorders). Digital video has a number of advantages the main one being the excellent quality of the quality of the signal transmitted and recorded.

Another great thing is the variety of features available with digital video recorders, such as: high resolution hard disk storage, date/time or event or segment search, and the simultaneous recording of multiple security cameras. These factors provide you with a top of the line security camera system for protecting your property. The main drawback to DVRs is that although they are coming down in price they still remain expensive.

Home Security CamerasHome Security Cameras - Home security cameras range from basic cameras like the Mircomark CCTV Camera Kit through to more expensive models like the Black Night Wireless Colour Security Camera & Receiver. Plus access to more home security cameras pages.

Wireless Security CamerasWireless - Wireless security cameras are popular as they are much easier to fit than wired security cameras. Details of the iFox Wireless Camera and the X-Vision Wireless Colour Camera, plus links to where these wireless security cameras can be bought.

Video Recording Security SystemVideo Recording - Video recording security systems allow you to record as well as monitor the footage taken from security cameras. Details of video recording security systems like the Digivue Complete Digital Security Video Recording System.

Internet Security CameraInternet Security Camera - Internet security cameras such as the D-Link DCS-5300 Internet Camera and the Panasonic KX-HCM10 PC Network Camera allow home surveillance over the Internet. Use the provided links to purchase these Internet security cameras.

Night Vision Security CamerasNight Vision - Protect your property in the dark with night vision security cameras like the Sony Ex-View Outdoor Color Night Vision Camera or an Outdoor Night Vision Color Camera. These night vision security cameras can be bought from linked security websites.

Interactive Security CameraInteractive Camera - Interactive security cameras like the Cyber Eye digital camera give greater flexibility to your home security system. Plus access to pages about motion activated talking security camera, two way voice and video surveillance and more.

Security Camera ManufacturersManufacturers - There are many security camera manufacturers to choose from including: Swann security cameras, Sony security cameras, Homeland security cameras, Clover security camera, Watchdog security camera packages, Intellex security camera and Commax security camera.

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