Using a Game Camera for Security
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Computer Security Surveillance CameraComputer Security Camera - Computer security surveillance cameras like the MVL22 wireless USB color pc camera and wireless USB battery security camera can be connected to your computer's USB port for surveillance via your pc.

Although game cameras like the EyeToy were not made to be used as a security camera, there are ways of using a game camera for security. Games like SpyToy give them surveillance capabilities and pc drivers allow game cameras to be used as a security webcam.

The EyeToy is one of the most popular game cameras on the market. It is a color digital camera device for the PlayStation 2 similar to a webcam. The technology uses computer vision to process images taken by the camera. The camera is mainly used for playing Eye Toy games developed by Sony and other companies but there are methods available for using a game camera for security purposes.

EyeToy - SpyToy

SpyToy is more than just a game, it is a state of the art security system. SpyToy now offers two modes: Security and Gameplay. Surveillance mode is a fun security system that uses the EyeToy camera to secretly capture footage of unwanted intruders. It can be used to passively monitor a room, with the EyeToy camera triggering playback of a pre-recorded warning message on the TV screen or secretly recording the person from the moment they enter the area.

EyeToy - SpyToy. (Click to enlarge)

Using a Game Camera for Security
Price: 14.99
  • The ultimate in room security with motion and face-recognition triggered recordings or alert facilities
  • Record digital, night vision or time lapse video, still digital images or sound clips
  • Improved video capture and compression system ensures high clarity footage - nearly doubling the EyeToy USB camera's photo resolution to 640x480 dpi
  • Zoom into specific areas of the live feed and set multiple alarm zones to trigger recordings or alerts
  • Editing and customisation options allow you to create your own personalised alarm systems and camera modes

  • Web Cam as Security CameraWeb Cam as Security - With some inexpensive software like TinCam and Watcher, you can use your web cam as security camera and turn your PC and webcam into a home security and remote video surveillance system.

    All prices quoted on the 'using a game camera for security' page are indicative UK prices at March 2006 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

    The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

    Gameseek - The EyeToy - SpyToy featured on the 'using a game camera for security' page can be purchased here.

    iPlaystation - Use your EyeToy as a webcam. Nice guide with images.

    Using The Playstation 2 EyeToy As A Security Webcam

    Although the EyeToy is not intended for use as a normal PC camera, some people have developed unofficial drivers for it which allow it to be used as a webcam.

    Playstation 2 EyeToy (Click to enlarge)

    Using a Game Camera for Security

    When combined with relatively cheap webcam security software such as Watcher this is another way of using a game camera for security. You can download the EyeToy pc driver for Windows 2000 and XP here

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